Jolene Matthews, multi-time pageant winner can help you take home the crown! From toddler to Mrs. systems, Jolene will show you what it takes to get to the coveted winners circle. Learn more by contacting Jolene at

"I recently had decided to enter a pageant. It has turned out to be the most positive experience. My pageant coach Jolene Mathews has been more than just wonderful and gracious. I have learned and accomplished more than I ever thought I could. She has supported me with the tools and knowledge of competing in a pageant. I did not realize how much hard work went into being part of a pageant. I have gained so much experience and confidence through just my first pageant. Jolene Mathews showed me and better equipped me with everything I needed to know, from hair and make-up tips, to walking and dressing correctly. But nothing helped me more than the belief she had in me, the belief to do well and succeed."

Chantel Kuiphoff