I'm Jolene and welcome to my website! Moving my body has always been an important way of expressing myself – whether it be through dance, fitness, sports or yoga. I am a spirit in action, and as a coach and an athlete – I always encourage people to push a little bit more! More pump, more reps, more power, and if you can push your limits fearlessly by believing in yourself, you'll succeed. There is magic in looking for more. It isn't about being narcissistic or self-centered, it is about centering yourself. There is freedom in knowing that you can enjoy life to the fullest. Be the push that tells yourself yes, I can!
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Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to read testimonials from current clients. In reading this material, I hope you become a little bit more inspired and empowered. In my mind, taking care of your body means you are honoring your higher self, becoming more centered with your personal desires and this practice can be a very spiritual path. It is in a sense, combining the power of body, mind and spirit and unleashing the energy that sets you free. Free from battling stress, weight, depression or any hurdles in you life. You CAN overcome. Don't let anyone hold you back from being the best that you can be. A higher being speaks to your heart, have the guts and courage to follow your intuition. BE! SAY! DO! CREATE! That's the highest potential you can be.

Jolene Mathhews Picture Jolene Mathhews Picture Jolene Mathhews Picture

I love the legacy that pirates leave behind: "Stay on course, raise your sails and go for the gold". The power is within you-set it free!
Replace negative addictions with positive ones.

– Namaste –
Jolene Matthews
Owner, Addiction Fitness and Wellness



Dear Jolene: Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Just wanted to let you know "I aced my stress test". My cardiologist said I did great and the improvement was the result of the Cardio workout you give in your Kickbox training. What an improvement after only 8 sessions with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Barbara Karant
Edgewater, NJ

"Hi Jolene,
Needless to say, they LOVED it! And they love you!  You are definitely going to get people signing up.  
I loved it!  I have never taken Zumba before and now I am going to look for a class near me in addition to taking yours!
Some other constructive feedback :  They said that having your music made a big difference for the better.  They liked the pace and the moves."  


Program Manager

"This was really a great experience. It was a huge studio and the instructor was fabulous. I really recommend this!"

"Fun, energetic, inspiring plus the benefits of a hard core trainer in one! Jolene's training is truly exciting, challenging, and you will see results! I have tried others but none are like Jolene."
Tatianna Teo
"I was hesitant to sign up with a personal trainer, but choosing Jolene was one of the best decision I could have made. She has not only driven me to set goals, but also to achieve them. I feel great and I am excited about my progress."
Rosanne Facchini
"My name is Alejandra; I have been training with Jolene Mathews for an extended period of time. I love to Train with her! She always pushes me to points far beyond my expectations. Jolene always has a smiling face and a positive attitude."
Alejandra Arrechada
"Jolene Matthews is a very talented, creative and enthusiastic personal trainer. Each workout is different from the next, and Jolene uses an interesting combination of various equipment as well as your own body weight to create resistance, strength, flexibility and calorie burn. I would recommend Jolene to anyone seeking an effective and efficient workout that is never boring."
Maria C. Mamilovich
Vice President
Affluent Credit Services
Wachovia Bank
"Jolene is a terrific trainer. She is enthusiastic and pushes you to exceed what you think you can do. At the same time she is completely attentive to your needs and knows when not to push too much. She makes me want to push myself to the fullest extent, and leaves me with the feeling that I can't wait for the next session with her. I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 in the morning for a workout."
Sara Zuckerbraum
CanDo Fitness Client
"Jolene understood exactly what my needs were, and even went one step further in highlighting what she saw as additional needs for my body. After having been inactive for several months due to having a baby, Jolene was highly motivating, and extremely approachable. She is well versed in cardio activities, strength training, boxing, and sculpting, ensuring a challenging workout, with no boredom or repition. Working out with Jolene has become the highlight of my day."
Malak Atut
"Jolene Your story and blog on the Bravo site was a wake-up call for me. I, too, suffer from this disease (as do many members of my family) and pride often kicks our ass in the worst way possible. My family completely abandoned me, which made the shame far greater, and my recovery much slower. Your strength to show your lows and celebrate the highs of your recovery are amazing, thought provoking and life-saving. May your life be filled with happiness and wholeness knowing that your contribution to society (by showing your struggles) has certainly helped me and many, many others. Bless you and continue to enjoy this new start on life!"
Sarah D